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A few reasons why STEM is becoming essential for education


The world keeps growing in all aspects of its inhabitants – technology, culture, awareness of different issues, scientific discoveries, etc. As this happens, so do the very people and the way we all affect each other. This unstoppable progress in our wake will not wait for us, so moving along beside it seems to be the only option we have as human beings.

That’s why the efforts made with STEM should be taken in mind. To be more specific, STEM is what we need because of the doors it can open for us. Some examples on this are as follow:

Students who receive one of the Innovations Labs in their campuses are able to get hands-on training as one of the options in learning directly from practice. Tools in these labs include mobile furniture, a robotics court, netbooks, and SPARK handheld science learning devices. These will allow students to make data analyses of the environment and learn exactly how the scientific process works.

A great reason for incorporating STEM into our schools is how much time can be saved by using the newer, more efficient technology that is offered.  The probeware available reduces the time it takes to set-up and clean-up, as well as the time it takes for students to gather their data. In hindsight, this also implies that labs in classes, such as biology, can be used in a much shorter time span than traditional ones.

Another reason this is increasingly important is how parents can also be informed and included in the STEM programs. Many schools have STEM events on different nights that usually occur two to three times a year. These are specifically held so that parents can be engaged with their children as they guide their mother or father (or both) through a lab activity they have completed. Everyone ends up learning in the participation of STEM.


The path to a brighter future.

The path to a brighter future.

The best part of STEM is how all students, and parents who want to help, can all cooperate together in learning more and really moving forward in today’s world of science. If STEM keeps going and improving the educational experience in the nation’s schools, then it is only a matter of time before we enter a shift where the future will incline us in making faster and better.

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January 6, 2016 |

3 thoughts on “A few reasons why STEM is becoming essential for education

  1. Site says:

    Even if young women make it through a bachelor’s and enter academia, they often leave the STEM fields early in their career. A frequently suggested reason for this is the lack of maternity leave and childcare after having kids. This is also seen in the long-hour days of technology startups.

  2. link says:

    What are the sources of adult stem cells in the body? Are they leftover embryonic stem cells, or do they arise in some other way? And if the latter is true—which seems to be the case—exactly how do adult stem cells arise, and why do they remain in an undifferentiated state when all the cells around them have differentiated?

  3. Michael says:

    Education is very important


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