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ZEPTO Virus removal


Many Education instituions around the world, are being affected by the ZEPTO virus.

What is the ZEPTO Virus?

The Zepto virus term is used to identify Locky ransomware which encrypts files on the computers it infects and adds a .zepto extension to each file name. The Zepto virus will also leave a .html ransom note named something similar to _6_HELP_instructions in every folder that it encrypts files in. The .html note contains information about what happened and instructions that explain how to decrpyt your files by obtaining a private key and decryption program. In order to retrieve this you must follow several steps and pay a ransomusing Bitcoin exchnage for an amount of roughly $300 Dollars.

Our team is currently working on finding a solution to this virus by decrypting the affected files. Once we have it. we’ll post it here, to help anyone restore their affected information.

If you are in the State of Florida, we may be able to help you remotely.




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July 22, 2016 |
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