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Certification & Diploma Programs

Certification & Diploma Programs

degree_levelCertification and diploma programs provide a basic technical credential, which demonstrates that graduates have the skills and theoretical knowledge to perform in specialized jobs. Certificate and diploma programs are for candidates with a definite idea of their immediate job ambitions, diploma programs can be the next stop after high school, degree_level_1allowing them to enter the workforce with a minimum investment of time and tuition. Certificate programs are also important for job-changers, people trying to rise above the entry-level rut, small business owners who need to add training to their skill-set, and skilled workers who want to keep pace with the changing demands of their current profession.

degree_level_2Certificate and diploma programs are also extremely important for immigrants to the US, and increasingly, programs are being offered which target this group by providing instruction in native languages along with an emphasis on building a job-related English vocabulary. In addition to filling needs for a rapid return on tuition investment, certificate and diploma programs fill another important function for the immigrant population. Many people arrive in the US with excellent job degree_level_3skills, a strong educational background, and years of experience but their credentials are not recognized. Particularly in the medical field, a certification program can offer skilled workers a way back into their field while they build experience with the American system, master the lingo, and figure out how to transplant their skills most effectively.

degree_level_4Whatever your needs, certificate and diploma programs are an option worth exploring for individuals who need to move into the working world, change jobs, add skills to their resume or adjust to the working conditions of a new country. Find out how certification and diploma programs can work for you by exploring you options on our site today.

Emphasizing career-specific training, certificate and diploma programs offer you a number of immediate advantages—short time commitments, technical skills, hands-on experience, contact with professionals in the target field, and an overview of the jobs you may be qualified for—all at a typically lower cost than two or four-year degree programs.

These are offered in the variety of settings – through technical and vocational schools, career and community colleges, the distance education and continuing education programs of universities, and independent certifying schools. Depending on the level of technical involvement and intensity of curriculum, certificate or diploma programs it may last from about six-weeks to a year.

Certification and diploma programs include study for a variety of career paths, such as:

  • Trades like small engine repair, HVAC /R, auto mechanics, cosmetology, welding, and truck driving
  • Skilled office work, such as secretarial, paralegal and bookkeeping positions
  • Medical technical training for positions as EMTs, radiological technicians, lab techs, surgical scrubs, and nurse aids
  • Computer application training in areas such as web design, film making, and audio production

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