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Chase Cleveland receives Okaloosa County Sunshine State Scholar title

Chase Cleveland and faculty

Chase Cleveland and faculty

How would it feel to be a Sunshine State Scholar? It would be a gratifying experience and a huge acomplishment for most. Especially so since all it requires to be one is an interest in one of the STEM subjects, a 3.9 GPA or higher, and enrollment in a Florida college. This is exactly what Fort Walton Beach High School student Chase Cleveland did to become an Okaloosa County Sunshine State Scholar.

Having the goal of becoming a chemical engineer in mind, Cleveland was able to maitain a 4.64 GPA while being a three-time varsity athlete in cheer, football and wrestling. He also scored a 31 out of 36 on his ACT. He credits his family and household for the progress he’s made thus far.

“My mom has always wanted me to be successful. She pushes me.”

Cleveland’s mother, Tavia Marez, was most persistent with him in his academics. She has a background in genetics and a doctorate in education.

“It’s always been a huge part. It’s everything. It’s the way to better your life. This is only the beginning.”


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December 30, 2015 |

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