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Entrepreneurial initiative Pathways to Innovation reaches Florida


Students pursuing engineering and living in Florida should check out the University-Florida State University College of Engineering since it has been deemed worthy to join the Pathways to Innovation entrepreneurial initiative recently. Implementing entrepreneurship is the factor that will be focused on as the program will place that and innovation into undergraduate education.

College of Engineering Interim Dean Bruce Locke believes this will transform the college so that its lab work can be launched into the corporate world.

“This activity will greatly help in our efforts to become an entrepreneurial college and to build upon the projects of our faculty. The faculty in the College of Engineering is very strongly interested in commercialization of the technology developed in their labs.”

The National Science Foundation-funded National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation are running the initiative and Stanford University and VentureWell direct it. Team Leader of Pathways Michael Devine describes it as a precise way to push entrepreneurship into the school’s curriculum so that the academics could improve for students who pursue this career.



“We want to introduce entrepreneurial engineering concepts earlier and throughout the curriculum. Also, the program meshes perfectly with FSU’s entrepreneurial university initiative and similar efforts at FAMU. We plan to work with other partners at FSU and FAMU so that this is not just an engineering program.”

Essentially, teams of faculty and administrators will meet with leaders from Stanford and VentureWell to discuss what plans and ideas they have to work together and renovate the undergraduate engineering presence in the college.


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December 30, 2015 |

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