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Liberal arts education attacked by Marco Rubio


Florida Senator Marco Rubio has recently taken controversial action towards college education – he wants to emphasize work experience more than anything else so that students don’t have to take classes for the careers that they might pursue. Of course, there is a more profound reason as to why Rubio would dare attempt a stand like this on the entire community.

Rubio believes that liberal arts colleges have nothing to do with education and that they continue existing because leftists are protecting their “friends” there. More disturbing is the fact that he is promoting exactly what he did in college that got him to where he is now. Instead of attending most of his high school and college classes, Rubio skipped school to drink with his friends and took up work experience for most of his educational years while remaining mostly as a “C” student as reported by ABC News.


Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

On top of all this questionable information, Rubio was still able to become a politician with the help of Norman Braman, a billionaire Florida car dealer, who has generously pledged a whopping $10 million to the Rubio Presidential campaign and has hired him to work as a lawyer in his company, Braman Management. This all started when Rubio released a book, An American Son, and was able to earn about $150,000, even though he only sold 42,800 copies in total.

Rubio’s way of undermining college education is to make students use work experience for class credit instead of actually learning anything they want. He also urges that students contract themselves to rich businessmen who will cover their college expenses. Basically, Rubio just thinks liberal arts colleges are pointless and students must take the easy way out by selling their souls to whoever invests in them. Clearly, Rubio has shown to be unfit for a lawmaking position, let alone being able to rule as the President of the United States.

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January 4, 2016 |

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