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New resolutions could mean a better educational system for Florida


For those who want to reclaim the educational system to Floridians, the time to act is now. Very soon in the coming week, the State Legislature will have its annual session. For the past years, most people have been complaining about immoderate testing, controversial teacher bonuses, an unpleasant graduation rate, and ongoing taxpayer bills for failing charter schools. Fortunately, there is now the opportunity to change all of that.

The idea is to improve how the influence on education affects the community by returning to electing commissioners of education rather than having the state governer appoint them. The current governor has already appointed a new commissioner 4 times and will probably continue to do this until something is done about it. The answer is already obvious – take out the current methods and let Floridians elect a trusted, responisble, and well-known candidate that will surely carry and push future education in the right direction.

Resolutions for the current situation have already been submitted to multiple committees, although these are not exactly like normal legislature bills. Albeit the similarity, these will require a 60 percent vote in each chamber and not a majority vote.

Of course, there is still the ballot once the new amendment passes the Legislature. For those who really want to see some changes made, this will also require 60 percent of the vote, so it is imperative that this is not ignored. Our education defines the future for our country.

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January 5, 2016 |

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