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universityUniversities, tend to be large schools with a wide variety of programs. They may have several undergraduate and graduate schools, colleges, departments, or faculties (School of university_1Engineering, College of Business, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Science, etc.). Universities have undergraduate divisions that award bachelor’s degrees and graduate schools that award master’s degrees. Some universities offer professional schools that award doctorates. Universities have typically achieved a higher level of accreditation by the state. Universities tend to have research facilities and an abundance of social opportunities (fraternities, sororities, sporting events, clubs, etc.).

Universities offer a huge course selection and may have extensive resources. Class size varies, depending on the size of the university, the subject area, and the course level. Graduate students, rather than professors, teach some of the classes. (These graduate students are called Teaching Assistants or TAs.)

Some universities are state funded while others are private institutions.

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